Bridesmaids es la palabra en inglés que define a las queridas y únicas «damas de honor». Esa figura […]

Midday weddings

Have you been invited to a wedding at midday? If this is the case the best option is […]

Keep calm and get married

Keeping calm and getting married may be an attainable challenge in this century. The preparation and planning period […]

Groom´s mother diary part two

Still immersed in preparations for my son’s wedding, this time, After the boys have chosen the site, and […]

Groom’s mother diary

It’s curious how time goes by, it seems like yesterday when I had to prepare his layette, by […]

Paloma Cruz Events

There is a perfect job for everyone, every person has a distinctive talent to do different things.   […]

Diary of a Maid of Honor

Girls, I’m getting married! I can still remember that day, we were at the beach and we were […]

Rocío and Iván

Hello, my name is Rocío and yes, I finally got married to Iván…you want to hear my story? […]

Chic Mandala

Dedicating myself to organize events, in particular weddings, is the results of a series of causes and effects […]