Rocío and Iván

Hello, my name is Rocío and yes, I finally got married to Iván…you want to hear my story?

After several years living together in Chile, it was the right time for him to ask me in marriage…and he did, a couple of months after coming back to spain, walking around the countryside, he covered my eyes, he ran behind a tree to grab a flower bouquet he had done himself and then he asked me to uncover my eyes, imagine my surprise!

Kneeling down, very serious, he asked me if I wanted to be with him the rest of my life, and me crying, I said yes!

Hugging each other and both very excited, I didn’t realised our dog had something in her mouth, it was a beautiful family brooch made of rubies and diamonds which he gave me to create my perfect ring with him!

I got all hands on deck, mulling about it, it was so precious that I could design anything that came up to my mind.

Well, but there is enough there to write another story.

Then all the preparation months came along, at the beginning it was complicated to convince the groom about doing the wedding in Alicante, since he was also excited about doing it in his house and the majority of our guest were from Madrid, but I made it, and he told me we would do it wherever it made me happy.

©Paula G.Furio

I had it clear in my mind since I was little, I wanted to get married in my house, where my grandparents, my uncles and my mum lived, where she got dressed up and photographs for her wedding.

In fact I asked the photographer, Paula G Furio, if she could take some pictures in the same places where she had hers done, my mother, in Santa Maria’s church, where my grandparents got married, my parents and from where I could hear the pealing bells every morning.

The dress was more complicated to decide, I knew I had to have a lot of fall, I didn’t want anything bombastic.  

It became easy when I met Sole Alonso, they showed me various options until I found this fabric which made me go crazy and it was all a piece of cake!

I wanted a simple wedding and not having an stablished protocol, so we decided it was going to be cocktail type.

There were tables for everyone, but each one sat where they wanted, with their friends, with the people they wanted to be with…

To us the most important things were two: very tasty food, and amusement until sunrise, so for the food we had no doubt, and we chose Murri.

Gustavo set up buffets with different types of food (one from Alicante with hueva, mojama and raf tomatoes, to make your own “montaditos”, another with cold stuff like salads and tartars, a grill with meat that we brought from our restaurant in Madrid and another one with Alicante’s most popular rice plates, that people coming from outside Alicante were expecting to eat.

Also, a wood spike for roasting the meats, that was amazing, because being in the countryside, outdoors, and an fantastic night, it was all marvellous!

To be honest we were surprised with all the people we had calling us to say how amazing the food was.

I have to thanks my mum, Begoña, who was the wedding planner, she organized everything, she is made for the job, she spent three months looking for things, contacting people, talking to supliers, rescuing and cleaning things from the wine cellar with her friends Paloma, Belén and Elena.

©Paula G.Furio
Begoña, Rocío and Chino by ©Paula G.Furio

The decoration of the tables was green, with holm oak branches we cut out of our trees, candles and deer horns I borrowed from my dad, both families are in the hunting world and I thought it was a nice thing to include.

We did some decoration corners with stuff we had at home, but nothing would have been possible without chitin, who made everything even more spectacular. Thank you Chiti!

©Paula G.Furio
Rocio dancing with his father the Waltz that her aunt Marisa taught by ©Paula G.Furio
©Paula G.Furio
©Paula G.Furio

We couldn’t miss the good music so we decided to call Diego Aguas, Dj of Marchica (formigal), well he didn’t miss no one could sit down! The party was super fun, until it was day time!

My aunty María (my father’s sister) was once a dancer, she came a couple of days before to our home to show us how to dance the vals, very emotional and beautiful moments!

“the last dance with your father”, you will see the pictures of me and my dad practising, we had some brilliant laughs, thank you dad. My brother Chino had just arrived from New Zeland, it was the 10th of October, he had been touring New Zeeland in his bike for a year, he told me if I fixed that date he would come back on time. Thanks God he got there in time, but he made me suffer, he got home only three days before and looking all tanned and strong he wouldn’t even fit in the suit!

And there is not much left to tell… a dream come true, it was a wonderfull day, unforgettable and which I would love to revive.

Like everyone says: enjoy, it all happens too fast.

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