5 tips to save on your wedding (top secret)

Is saving money on your wedding possible? In CHIC trends we say “sure you can!”

Getting married is the most important celebration in the life of a bride, and details take a special importance. Everything must be perfect and so not skimping on any aspect of the celebration is essential.

However, it is also very important to control the money we spend on each activity, so you don’t get shocked or stressed in the final stretch before the wedding. Want to know how?
Prepare pencil and paper, and note down this 5 ideas to save money on your wedding day!

#1 Bet on a professional wedding planner

Many brides in their desire to control every single detail of the celebration, refuse to delegate a good Wedding Planner to organize those monotonous tasks. Compare prices, suppliers… can turn into something restless if you do not have the means for choosing the best solution for both your economy and the wedding style you have chosen.
Although, at first, it may seem an expense, having a professional Wedding Planner is always an investment that eventually will result in a considerable saving, by reducing the sum of all your wedding expenses.

#2 pick up the correct date

Dates are important because they determine the market prices of many of the products you will need for your banquet.
Is not the same serving seafood in the middle of December, that serving it in February. Therefore, choosing the right time can help you save a few euros in the restaurant or in the catering you choose, without having an impact on the product quality.

#3 don’t leave for tomorrow what can be done today

Doing things on a rush and stress can end up in you opting for an item or a supplier that besides being expensive, do not supply what you are looking for. Organizing the wedding with enough time makes the difference between a smart and successful celebration, against another chaotic and uncontrolled. Keep an eye on the wedding calendar and if, for any reason you don’t have the time to organize something, ask your Wedding Planner to take care of it for you.

#4 invite your closest relatives

Obviously on the most special day of your life, you would like to have next to you all your relatives, friends, neighbours, acquaintances… However, the list can become immensely infinite, and therefore also the costs that concern you.
If you want to have all those «distant» people who are important in your life, why not organizing a small, intimate and personal evening with them? In this way, you can count with their presence during the events of the wedding, and leave the main banquet celebration for the closest relatives and friends.

#5 the “DIY” is trendy

The “Do It Yourself” is totally trendy.
What are you waiting for to surprise all your guests with handmade invitations, some personalized details or welcoming cards with your favourite picture of both of you?
DIY style provides further personalization and cool aesthetic, which is always very appreciated by the wedding guests.
If you want to make of your celebration something different and special compared to the rest, don’t leave this idea to a side!
And you girls, are you encouraged to share your saving tricks for the wedding day with us?

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