Keep calm and get married

Keeping calm and getting married may be an attainable challenge in this century. The preparation and planning period of your wedding is an exciting time and often can be a bit overwhelming, but please do not worry too much!!! If by chance you just said the «yes «, this article will help.
With CHIC trends you will get to know keys element to a successful wedding, each one is special and unique, and so will yours. Timing, organization, getting familiar with the formalities, all the details, news… these are some important aspects to have into consideration if you don’t want to delay the wedding.


  1. – Who do we tell first?

Social networks are a real temptation, before posting anything on Facebook or Instagram, better make sure you call the people which are closets to you. Starting on a good foot with family and friends is essential.

  1. – ¿where should we start? The firsts decisions.

It is very useful to make a list: clothing, decoration, photography… Everything will depend on the wedding you want (religious, civil, formal, informal, big or intimate, at the countryside, urban themed, classic, modern…) but, generally it is convenient to begin preparations with a year of anticipation. After choosing the type of wedding and style, determine the date of the event and book the place. In spring and summer, you’ll need a greater anticipation compared to autumn or winter. You should ask for date in the church or in court, and when you know the day, you can then look for a place to have the banquet or catering. It looks simple isn’t it!!

3.-Fix the Budget
Your wedding is roughly put together, now it’s time to prioritize. Of course you will get prices of all kinds, but you will have to make important decisions with your partner. Flexibility and adaptation come first.

4.- the feared guest list
Yes, you read correctly, feared. Elaborate a provisional list is almost vital. There are essential and less essential guests, the budget, the space provided for banquet and party. The amount does matter.

5.- Wedding planner?
This new figure of wedding coordinator that comes to your rescue, and will make a milestone in your wedding. Although it may seem an initial additional expense, it will help you to reduce other costs, given his or her experience. It will give you the peace and security you need. You can hire their services several months before the wedding or just for that day.


6.-details that will make a difference
It’s very special to reflect your personality before, during and after the wedding , in details such as invitations, seating plan, music ,transport ,menu ,confirmation cards and thank you cards, gifts ,signature book ,photograph and video and of course the wedding dress, beauty, accessories, decoration … Enjoy.

  1. Save the date and wedding web

Tell your guests with plenty time the date of the wedding so they can mark it in their calendars and the reserve that day for the big event is achieved with Save de date. A kind of informal pre-invitation, you can send them the traditional printed way or digitally.

In addition, did you know that you can create a free wedding website with useful information, and very useful to share all the details of your wedding with your guests? Maps, accommodation, wedding list, photo albums, music playlists, videos, an app where the forecast for the wedding day is updated…

Let everything flow, get organized but most of all enjoy…

What about you telling us your experience?


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