What is the ideal age to get married?

What a difficult question… what would be an ideal age to get married?

Probably you will have an ideal age in your mind, and probably each person wil have a different idea in their mind…the actual age at which we get married is around 30 years old. Even though there is a tendency to getting married when you are younger, the majority of the marriages are celebrated at that age.

The importat part in taking the decision is not the age, but the hope, the compromise that it will last forever. The idea is that couple is neither too young nor too old, since it is necessary to make changes, so each one can adapt to the other in aspects like habits and objectives.

After 30, simply you can more certainly tell that, at that age, you have more experience in decision taking. You have finished your studies, you start working, hormones are more settled and you start taking responsibilities of all sorts.

Getting married too young may bring more failing possibilities, compared to making it a bit later in your life, with things more clearly in your mind and having spent some time living with your partner, to make sure you are done one for the other.

And wait, wait to have kids until the relationship is consolidated. But the unbeatable formula in these cases, is not precisely the age, but love, the compromise, the fight, the comprehension, the respect, the more courage you have when starting this adventure, the bigger the success will be.

The heart, joined to reflexion, and a lot of love will be the formula for a successful marriage. But we should not forget, that there are many opportunities in life, not everyone finds their true love the first time, or they lose it, and there are many ages at which you can marry and start again.

The maturity, is also a perfect vital moment for marriage, because we have learnt to keep calm and understand the others better. In any case, is a very important decision in our life, and you don’t have to rush it, there is time for everything. To meet, to love, to argue… only our heart, will tell us the right moment to make the move. Listen to it.

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