We are releasing a new Project


Today we would like to share with you all some special news.

With the arrival of the new year, we have decided to release our new project: CHIC Trends.

Two personalities, two professions, that converge in a business project, that turns around the needs of modern celebrations and the universe surrounding them. A magazine, CHIC trends, full of ideas for you, the ones that are getting married.

Fashion, trips, gastronomy, oenology, and decoration… shared interests that have become the focus of our work and that now we assemble in a Magazine. Specially what is related to weddings, is our objective, that CHIC trends becomes in the main point of references for all of those that are getting married.

A project, CHIC trends, that makes us excited and impulse us, a way of sharing with everyone our view of things.

Do you dare to share it with us?

Ana & Isabel

CHIC trends Magazine.

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