Groom´s mother diary part two

Still immersed in preparations for my son’s wedding, this time,
After the boys have chosen the site, and the catering
Let´s TRY THE MENU !!!

How difficult it has been these years to teach them to eat properly …. I do not like spinach, I do not want red meat, they ate croissants and pizza non stop !!!
All that’s over, now they are gourmets, simple but exquisite tastes, educated on the issues of
eating and cooking … I love what they have become!
They have improved our recipes and eating well and taking care of themselves, they are the Millennium generation.
Nothing to do with junk food, thankfully.
They are prepared, with its innovative approach to choose the menu, and they
had the courtesy to call their parents to share a day together around the table, trying
the different dishes and presentations, of what will be the feast of the wedding day.
We were so happy to share that day and feeling part of it all!

There are many ways to celebrate the wedding, many wonderful sites and amazing chefs,
the chose a lovely old garden, beautiful wedding hall … pure romanticism, with magnificent trees and plants.

This will be a wedding at noon, which are curiously the longest since parties…
It will begin around one o’clock , and we do not know when it will finish !!
It is therefore essential, in addition to the cocktail and the main meal, to prepare
several services so people can eat in the afternoon and evening!
The current trend is to hand over the food holding various services …
Bar snacks, ham cutters, funny sushi bars, precious tables of cheese,
candy bars or ice cream, snacks, afternoon canapes …
The new generation has completely changed the concept of «Wedding Menu»
that five or more courses and dessert … it’s all over.
They have a different concept of what will be his party, prefer bars and help themselves, so that each guest can eat, dance and drink at leisure.
They are fleeing from the endless sitting in an impossible long meals.
And they are absolutely right, it’s more fun, spread throughout the celebration!

Things change, the celebration will be much more fun, people will be relaxed and happier.

We all know that food is one of the great pleasures of life, and of course, at a wedding, you know how we parents are, we want all guests to be happy,and go home talking about the wedding non stop!
A good wine, chosen with care, no need to choose the most expensive one, but exquisite, a delicious bread and a perfect service are important things that you have to plan.
Everything that surrounds the food is important.
And the music, every part of the day, every moment has its special soundtrack …
We must celebrate love with love and dedication … not excess.

You being yourself, you create something wonderful, something that had not been there before!

Isabel Planelles
Groom´s mother diary.

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