I’ m getting married, but,where do I start?

You have taken one of the biggest decisions of your life, you are getting married! Or we should say you are both getting married, but let’s focus on you: I’m getting married, you will be the main character of the event and that you, for sure, be in charge of most of the preparations. This decision is the beginning of an equally exciting and stressful months of your life. The great day of the “yes” you will start a new life but until then, you’ll have to get on with many things and make small and big decisions:

I’m getting married: In a civil ceremony or in a church? I marry with… A classic dress or a dress with a modern twist? Who do I invite? Do we celebrate in this banquets cute place we saw or on my parents in-law plantation… a lot to think about, but do not rush, the most important thing is to be organized and often let others help you. And you have to keep repeating to yourself: “I’m getting married”

One of the funniest options which will also help you enjoy the most, is to count on your best friends for help. Not only will you be more than happy to be involved in something so important in your life, but also, and especially if any is already married, they can give you useful advice and lend you a hand. Don’t forget your boyfriend though! You are the one who knows him best, and you will know if he is willing to let you in charge of all those preparations with which he is completely lost, or whether he is excited to share with you and wants to share responsibilities. And if you are uncertain, ask, is not a good time to have a crisis due to lack of communication!

With your partner, with your friends, on your own or with whoever you want, but dedicate some time with a cup of tea and some cake to prepare a list of everything you need to do and decide for the wedding. You can work that list in many ways, depending on how a technology lover you are.

pencil with the plot of a school subject
You will want to have everything on paper and you will need to be very organized.


If you are not friends with technology

You will want to have everything on paper and you will have to be neat and keep it all together and organized. First you will have to note down on your list is to purchase a file folder or an expanding file. As you create your list you will be able to put a label on each section to avoid getting all your papers mixed. You will probably have in mind several options and have different quotation offers of the most important things (venue, catering or menu, bus rental for guests, your dress and the groom’s suit, bouquet…).

So what as we just said, take pen and a few pages and think about everything you’ll need for the special day to be perfect. You can sort it out in order of importance or «urgency», that is to say, by how early you have to order each thing. A tailored elaborated dress takes time to make, while floral decoration will not ne decided until at least the venue location is decided, right?

If you are an Excel lover

If either due to profession or devotion, Excel is your best friend you will be used to producing tables in it, lists, etc. It is also going to be very useful for you when planning your wedding if you make a table where on the left you annotate any important thing left to do or to buy. For example: dress, church reservation, venue room reservation, banquet, invitations design, invitations delivery… the best part of working with excel is that you are able to add or modify your lists as things get done or stuff is bought. Also you can easily colour code tables to indicate what is the most to least important thing to do or whatever is most convenient to you.
And what can you write in your tables? It depends on what you consider important. As I said before if you are going to request more than one quotation, at the start you can have a column per supplier. For the column of “hotel venue room reservation”, there would be three columns, for example “hotel A”, “hotel B” and “hotel C”. Once it has been decided the ones that are of no interest they can be erased.
What else can we note down? The suppliers’ contact, to have them all together and handy, agreed Price, maximum date of reservation, if something has been already partly paid, and of course annotations that we consider important like, “cousin’s wedding photographer, very professional”. In sum, what we consider most necessary.

If you can’t leave you phone for a minute and you are fashionable

You would have already investigated it; there are many apps, which are going to make the planning of the big day a lot easier. Starting on Noeeva, which will help you have everything organized, to Bodas.net, which will also held you find the perfect place to celebrate, florist shops or where you can order the most spectacular cake. But we are not going to extend this area any longer, since our next post will talk about this. About apps and webs which will be very useful when it comes to organization of the event, as well as Chic Trends, which will be, of course, your main reference web!

So, whatever method you decide to use to get organized and plan your wedding, congratulations and enjoy every minute when getting ready for this magical day!

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