Valentine´s Day: Love Day

Our magazine has a central axis that is our main target: Love , hope and  finding a soul mate.
Loving somebody makes us better people because we see everything as positive; It invites us to be aware of the wishes and needs of others.
It is a condition that increases our chances of success, because by increasing substances such as oxytocin, dopamine, endorphins and epinephrine in our body, we feel more powerful to undertake any vital challenge. Obstacles vanish when we’re in love.
Butterflies in the stomach, the perpetual smile, the weighted sensations … That´s Love ! That kiss, what would you do for a kiss of your beloved?
because life without emotion is not worth it..

Wrap yourself in the romance that surrounds the lovers day, and show everybody how you love him!
There is no better feeling, healthier, and more intense than that of affection.
Strive that day to hit on a gift, see what he likes and what he would love really.
Escape to a romantic setting and tell him you love him …
And forget about the so called «practical gifts» … that does not work!
And be aware that even if she or he says : I don´t want anything » , is not true!
Women always expect a gift, albeit symbolic, keep that clear!
And if you  can´t buy anything, write a poem, some words, give her your love …
the only thing that counts is the intention and being there on this spacial love day!
Cultivating love is essential for its durability, and life is built of small things that make you
feel more intensely, don´t forget.
Happy Valentines to all of you ,from  CHIC trends!
Long live to your love ! Happy Valentines


Isabel Planelles

CHIC trends


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