Diary of a Maid of Honor

Girls, I’m getting married!

I can still remember that day, we were at the beach and we were talking aboput all the weddings each one of us was going during the year, when the bride, after talking to her boyfriend over the pone, told us that she was getting married. Madness, no more. She was the first one in the group to get married, so madness is the best word that can describe how this year has been. As soon as she told us the wedding date, we looked for a date to do the hen party. We are thirteen friends, counting the bride and two of them life outside Spain, so getting to an agreement is generally difficult. After various “I can’t that weekend”, “I already have a party”, “I’m working that week”, “I have to look for a flight” and “ I can make it any weekend”, the chosen date was a weekend on august, a month before the wedding, summer and the most suitable time for all of us.

«Whatever the bride likes»

We made an official WhatsApp group with all of us except for the bride, the name was «Casa Rural La Gosadera» and it was fuming all year. Twelve thinking heads, a lot of ideas and excitement, I will only say that it went out of control. The only clear rule in the hen party operation was that the plan would be whatever the bride liked, and just like that we ended up prolonging the party for three days, like in gipsy weddings. The weekend was going to be: Friday night, dinner and party with women of the family and friends, all wearing a personalized t-shirt with a picture of the bride, surprises and gifts. Saturday and Sunday, farmhouse playing games and amusement somewhere very far away. And Sunday afternoon, photoshoot. it was all a matter of carrying out the plan.

Weeks calling restaurants, farmhouses to see where we could all fit, think what we were going to do with the bride, think about the games, gifts, theme, cost of everything.

Until the last moment

It is complicated to find a house when you call to book and you mention “hen party” and “fifteen people” in the same phrase, but in one of the “secret” meetings we did we found the house, all the rest would arise after.


Another key aspect, and what ended up being the theme of the party, was the enthusiasm the bride had about getting on the famous “banana boat”, so the banana (don’t be dirty minded) was the theme of the whole weekend. I think the bride will never be able to forget this word.

Five days before the party we had the last meeting, it was the most productive of all. We made up a new “rosco de pasapalabra”, which is a famous television contest were you have to guess the word for each letter of the alphabet given a description of it. We reserved the banana for the bravest of the group, we sent the groom a compatibility test were he had to answer some questions and record himself, we did a list of the materials (balloons, water guns, green and yellow t-shirts…), we prepared more activities, the groceries shopping list, we synchronise watches… and the all happened…like it happened.


Me myself, I would repeat anytime.

If there was something that wasn’t missing that weekend were the laughs, photographs, good moments and a lot of stiffness, spending three days non-stop takes its toll on the body. And of course the happiness of the bride, or that is what she told us. And a lot of you would say and the bad part? There was one, there always is, but like I said before it was all whatever the bride wanted, so all of us thought of her, we agreed and he enjoyed all there was planned to do that weekend. Obviously after all the effort we made to organize it we did enjoy a lot. Maybe and just maybe next time one of us gets married we could do a pyjama party… the question is, who will dare to be the next one?  

Tania Jimenez

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