Look radiant in Healthouse Las Dunas

In CHIC Trends we know how important it is for the bride to look perfect on their wedding day, this is why to look radiant we have selected the best treatments offered by Healthhouse Las Dunas, want to share it with us?

Between Marbella and Estepona we can find Healthouse Las Dunas health and well-being center, the only five star great luxury complex in the south of Spain.

A heavenly enclave surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, where tradition and modernism coexists for the delight of its visitors. It is located in a typical Andalusian house, surrounded by an exuberant vegetation as far as the eye can see, making it the ideal place to enjoy and relax, pamper your body inside out!


SPA treatments before the big day

All brides want to feel and look the prettiest they could be on their wedding day, in Naturhouse Spa they take care of that. Discover the treatment combination they can offer, you deserve it!

Book an illuminating facial one week before the wedding day. This treatment is adecuate for all types of skin. Ideal to improve its texture and appearance, you will instantly feel your skin more radiant and young.

Skin will be exfoliated two times in a week before and we will treat it with the golden triangle for a resplendent skin. Corporal exfoliation is done with white algae and centella asiatica, followed by an Oriental head massage. You will feel your skin soft and transformed, enjoy a fascinating experience for your senses.

Hand treatment, show your ring proudly!

On the wedding day, hands are a big centre of attention, to have them looking amazing Naturhouse Spa offers you a silk hand treatment. This holistic treatment includes a soft exfoliation with red Jazmin rice and wrapping of the hands for hydration and illumination of the skin. It can also include a nail varnished finish.


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Let’s not forget about the feet! There is nothing more relaxing and revitalizing than the tired leg renovating treatment. Is a holistic treatment for feet that includes a herbal ritual with soft exfoliation, wrapping with turmeric and foot reflexology. Alike the hand treatment there can be a nail varnished finish.

If you also want to show a slimmer figure on your wedding dress, Healthouse Las Dunas *****GL offers the possibility of doing a weight loss programme of either 7, 14 or 21 days, where we will not only get a slender figure, but also discover a more healthy lifestyle for our body and our mind through an multidisciplinary concept, always orientated towards the well-being of customers.

In Healthhouse Las Dunas the previous days to the wedding will be as special and memorable as the big day will.


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