How to choose your wedding car

When it comes to choosing the ideal car for your wedding day, besides having a lot of options, there are some determining factors which should be considered. So the election turns out easier for you we have elaborated a quick guide, are you ready?

Basic questions

Normally the couple go on separate cars, how many people will go on each car? This is the first thing you need to know.

The journey to the altar/the photoshoot/ reception etc. will it be long/average/short? After all the comfort in these cases in essential.

Which is your maximum? Stablish a Budget limit and look for you dream car, don’t go over the top!

Space, VERY important, will the dresses fit inside? Think about the rest of companions! Mother, father, made of honour.

Once the interior is clear, ahead with the perfect car!

1. Where do I look?

-Ask your family or Friends, allow your relatives to help you.

-Do you know anyone with the ideal car for your wedding? Try your luck and ask them, they might lend it to you!

-Search up in the internet, there are a thousand of car rental sites.

-Wedding congresses: they are the best places to look and buy or hire.

-Magazines and wedding supplements.

2. Plan it! Don’t leave it until the last minute

Above all if you are looking for a specific car. Is true that being on a hurry is not good, in this case forget about it, do it as soon as you can! Even more if you are getting married on peak season. Once you know what you want, book it. Minimum four or five months before the wedding day.

3. The aesthetic, ¡as long as it is beautiful anything is okay!

As we said before have in mind the number of people and the space they will each take. Even though you may be passionate about sports cars, combine it with five people and some feet of fabric is not the best idea.

In any case if you can go and see the car it may be the best idea since sometimes photograph can induce to error.

4. Style, ¿matching car?

The type of car that you choose will depend basically on your taste, even though is preferable that certain harmony exists between the other wedding elements.

5. What options do I have?

If you are having a modern wedding you can opt for a Porsche or a Ferrari. If you prefer a classic style Mercedes or Audi may be better, but if you are thinking of taking friends and relatives with you can opt for a limousine, you will have a great time!

But when it comes to choosing, as we said before, there are multiple options. That is why in CHIC we take it a bit further and we propose to you this car, can you imagine the day of your wedding a Land Rover like this?

The original design comes from the designer Sir Paul Smith, which coinciding with London fashion week 2016, Land Rover has released a short which captures his collaboration with the British designer, we love this tailored made Defender!

6. Save money!

An option to save money is to hire only two cars, the bride’s car and the groom’s car. You will make more journeys if you need to transport a lot of people but it will be worth it.

Lastly remember the car details and embellishments, make sure you ask if they are included or they come separate.

We hope that with this simple guide your wedding goes according to plan. Choose the car that suits your needs and desires and enjoy your bid day.

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