Freschezza,exclusivity and elegance

Freschezza is a boutique located in Alicante with over 10 years of experience in intimate fashion and lingerie for brides, swimwear and accessories. Is the landmark in Alicante for those women who want to be perfect and wear latest trends.

It was opened in 2005, under the brand Andres Sardá and was renamed Freschezza in September 2009. The store has positioned itself due to the quality of their products, exclusivity and distinguished designs. In Freschezza they offer a wide range of garments of high-end, of both national and international brands, including: Eres, Andres Sarda , TCN, Wolford, Grazialliani , La Perla and Nina Ricci.

Freschezz-Andres-Sarda              Freschezza-La-perla              freschezza-la-perla-2

               Andrés Sarda                                                  La Perla                                                                  La Perla 

Located at 8 Angel Lozano Street, it is considered one of the most stylish shops of the Community. If you do not know Freschezza you can visit their website or their profiles on Facebook and Twitter, where they maintain a direct contact with their clients. Personal attention is one of their many hallmarks, offering clients a great hospitality and a variety of sizes, at Freschezza you’ll find the perfect garment for each occasion!

Besides you can join the “Freschezza Club» on their website, this is an exclusive space where you can access promotions and new features without missing any detail. Of course, if you want to purchase any of their items you will have to attend the store in situ, since they do not sell online. Like the owners say «Garments found in Freschezza are made for the client to see, touch and enjoy the purchase».


Their fitting rooms are more than comfortable and will make you feel at home while you try on any of their items, giving you the opportunity to see how the piece suits you with the help of their friendly and experimented advisors.

“Fasbennder was here”

Interestingly enough, in 2012, the boutique in Alicante became a Hollywood filming set for a few hours. Freschezza was chosen by filmmaker Ridley Scott to record a scene from the film «The Counselor”. In the movie the actor Michael Fasbennder, can be seen elegantly dressed, entering the lingerie shop. Can you imagine that super moment?

What seems clear is that Freschezza is a store which somehow always manages to surprise us, you want to enjoy a Freschezza experience? You won’t regret…

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