Gia Photography the soul

Small details make a huge difference, details which can be missed in some occasions…with exception of Gia Photography. This is precisely what differentiates this photographer with the rest, her capacity to capture unique and unrepeatable moments, allowing memories to live beyond our memories as years go by.

Gia’s Photography work is based on capturing the essence, “the soul” as she defines it. A work which can be carried out in behalf of a magnificent team and technical equipment, helping her reach her goal.

“An element of my own identity, my personal way of looking, seeing, understanding and perceiving the world, life and most of all people that surround me. A giving and taking approach. It seems beautiful to me when someone sees a photograph and smiles with a smile that emerges from inside, from the heart. Or they stare at you with excitement in their eyes, surprised about the fact you were able to see deeper or further away of what seemed at first sight.

My way of seeing the world, of interpreting it, of feeling it. I would say is almost my lifestyle, is much more than just my profession and I feel privileged working in something I love, surrounded of a brilliant team at booth professional and personal level.

If you would like to immortalize your wedding or produce a unique photographic report, Gia Photography will help you make your dream come true. Treasure in your home a little piece of your soul, of indelible memories and remember, be happy… Smile.

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