Our Magazine, specializing in trends in the world of fashion at weddings, is born from the union of two broad criteria, from two different but similar worlds.

Two close friends!


Two personalities and two professions that converge in a business project related to the needs of modern celebrations and the universe that surrounds them.

Fashion, travel, food, wine, or decor; shared interests that become the focus of our work and that we now collect in the form of a Magazine.

A project that excites and moves us. A way to share with you how we see things.


Revista-CHIC-2-1-683x1024-2A different way to enjoy your wedding


Our way of seeing the wedding season.

We publish every six months so that you can access all our suggestions in particular stores and locations. We have a high level of influences that make up the three primary themes of the season.

Fashion -Travel – Gastronomy


  • Each ISSUE OF CHIC TRENDS will have a much more fashion style focused on the APPOINTED DAY
  • Trends assigned to the different SEASON to help you with the entire process of planning the event.



To address the diverse needs of our readers, we will publish all the main views on fashion trends and the tools to make fashion transform and adapt to every need.

These reports will include all fronts opened up at any wedding, with the aim of making it easier for readers and satisfy all the doubts raised at an event of this nature.



During the season, we will publish more than 20 articles about trends related to 20 sectors. Each of these future trends will include information, advice on style, as well as a planning that will help you organize the event.


Bridal Clothes, Menswear, Female guests, Children’s clothes, Intimates, Footwear, Headgear and Accessories, Jewellery, makeup, Hair, Skin Care, Fragrances, male grooming, invitations, trips, Farmhouses for Banquets, Food and restoration, wine, wedding planners, bloggers, and so on.



Through our magazine, we will provide all the necessary information to make that day the happiest one of your life.


We WILL FOLLOW the latest trends with all kinds of items that include explicit formulas for the development and design of the event.

Each report shall include enough information to help you develop your priorities, providing you direct contact with any provider you need. Everything in a modern and efficient editorial structure.

Our hope is to make all the necessary information fluid and attractive to you.

Two girlfriends, a single project:

Your wedding.