Chic Trends Magazine: The guests!

We now bring you the second post from he CHIC Trends Magazine presentation party, with all our guests! Wedding planners, influencers, designers… You can’t miss out!

The photocall was a big success, we had a great time!

Besides we want to share with you the video, which collects everything that happened that evening.

Fashion, live music, excellent gastronomy and much more…

María José Quero, Nicola de la Paz, Jannine Contreras, Emma Grasess.
María José Quero, Nicola de la Paz, Jannine Contreras, Emma Grasess.
Marta Abellán y Natalia Alonso
Marta Abellán and Natalia Alonso
Ana Marín e Isabel Alonso.
Ana Marín and Isabel Alonso.
Isabel Planelles y Ana Espadas.
Ana Espadas and Isabel Planelles.
Claudia Popa y Guillermo Rivilla.
Claudia Popa and Guillermo Rivilla.

In the presentation video we talk about CHIC… What does CHIC trends magazine mean? Why did we decide to star this project?

And of course we are not forgetting about our guests, who appear in the video while we chatted with them during the party.

To them we asked what was the “Chic trends” of the season and we asked them to wish us some good luck and some words of support, this is what they told us!

Thank you to all for your words and kindness, you are all fantastic!

Adelina Planelles, Isabel Planelles y Cristina García.
Adelina Planelles, Isabel Planelles y Cristina García Meca.
Ana Espadas y Natalia Sala.
Ana Espadas, Natalia Sala, Manuel Guerrero e Isabel Planelles.

Presentación CHIC trends

Maru Ortega, Silvia Aguilar y Ana Espadas.
Maru Ortega, Silvia Aguilar , de El Corte Inglés y Ana Espadas.
Pierre Adamczewwski, Ana Espadas and Sra. Adamczewwski.
Ana Espadas y Pura Costa.
Jerónimo García, Isabel Planelles, Ana Espadas and Pura Costa.
Paula Gutiérrez, de la Bodateca and Carlos.
Antonio Porta, Esther, Fernando, Blanca Porta, Eduardo Porta, Pepe Porta, Rosalía Flores.
Ana Espadas, Gloria Mora and Isabel Planelles.

We hope that all of you that shared this evening with us enjoyed as much or even more than we did.

If you were one of the guests and you haven’t seen yourself in any of the pictures, keep checking futures posts. If you were there, certainly soon you will see one where you appear.

We will see soon! We are already excited to see the next edition of the magazine; can you imagine how the front cover will be?

CHIC Trends Magazine has come to stay!

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