End of party, CHIC!

Friends, co-workers, clients and public figures from the fashion, communication, gastronomy, decoration and art sector, all got together in the most CHIC and glamorous party from the world of weddings and events.

An evening in may with a lovely temperature, where we lit the amazing fireplace at ‘Finca Jardines de abril’ for the pleasure of gathering around the fire to feel cosy with our friends and colleagues.

We now bring you the first photocall post, which was very intense and amusing…

María José del Valle,Janine Contreras, Ana Espadas, Marcela Fernández y Sonia Rujas, of Aepa.
José Carlos Hernández de Nichi Seijo, Vicky Martínez and Isabel Planelles.
Idoia Elósua, Ana Espadas y María Quiles, of Hotel Meliá Alicante.
Loli, Ise, Cayetana Ferrer and Alberto.
Raquel Fernández De Palencia y Sra. de Fernández.
Raquel Fernández De Palencia y Amparo Quero Hernández.
Eugenio and Paloma Cruz, Ana Gómez Ortuño and Pablo Laguía.
Walter Suárez and Luky.
Dr. Andrés Nemseff
Isabel Planelles, Noelia Orts y Ana Espadas.
Isabel Planelles, Noelia Orts and Ana Espadas.
Ana Planelles y Pedro Nuño de la Rosa
Isabel Planelles,Ana Planelles ,Pedro Nuño de la Rosa and Ana Espadas.
Javier Más y su mujer, Estela y Marta Blasco.
Fanny Gonzalez and Javier Más, of Javier Más Peluqueros , Estela and Marta Blasco, of Trastienda Floristería.
Ana Marín dofAnamarma, Natalia Torres ,Patricio Gastón de Elite RGB and Paloma Amo Baile.
Laura Rius, Inés Acebes, Carmen Sanchís, Eduardo Porta, Isabel Planelles, Antonio Porta, Olga Deltell and Ana Espadas.
Ana Poquet of El Mundo, Pedro Nuño de La Rosa, Ana Planelles.
Ana Espadas, Carlos Corredor Sáez and Isabel Planelles.

If you haven’t seen your face in any of these pictures, don’t worry! We are working on it and sooner or later you will release more photocall pictures in similar posts!

Thank you everyone!

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