Did you know it? In Chic Mandala we are talented.

We know everything there is to know about making your dreamed day come to life.

And it is not only about experience and knowledge. There is much more to that; intuition and heart a lot of heart is needed as well as having a creative mind.

We certainly know that you will be feeling a mix of excitement and concern and that your nerves will be on edge until the last minute.

That you are the most happy and lucky woman in the world and that is why you look radiant.

That your boyfriend, your partner in life is the best choice you have ever made, your heart tells you: it’s him, it has always been him.

That a thousand things might be going on at the same time during the big day, but being with him is without a doubt the best moment of all.

We know that a lot is going through your mind and you can already feel the excitement of that day.

But sooner or latter your calendar fills up with many important dates to remember and attend to. Many difficult decisions, which have to be taken…


We know that at this stage you would have probably asked yourself: and where do I start?

The first and most important decision you can make is to trust a professional expert in the field. And we know you are thinking, “oh well, obviously that is what they sell.”

We will only ask you three questions:

You enjoy having some free time?

You want to avoid multiple headaches?

You want the guarantee of a ten out of ten result?

If you have replied yes to at least two of them, then you certainly need us!

So why don’t you encourage yourself, come and meet us because in Chic Mandala we are very excited to meet you!

Photography by Javier Berenguer

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