What’s CHIC Trends Magazine ?

CHIC Trends Magazine, a magazine, a blog, and a media outlet specialising in weddings and events!

We are its chief editors, Ana and Isabel, passionate and experts in the world of fashion, design and advertising who thought it would be a good idea to advise those who are going to get married or celebrate a significant event.

And we are quite determined to do so.

We have created Chic Trends Magazine to show you several designers, trends, ideas, people and companies that work within the universe of celebrations.

At CHIC trends, you can consult a semi-annually paper magazine, a blog, www.chictrends.es, and social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Google Plus.

You can follow our opinions and advice from any source as well as our interviews and the latest trends in fashion, beauty, cooking event, oenology, wonderful farms, hotels and restaurants where you will possibly find some inspiration.

Isabel , Ana y Camila. Photo by Ohana.

Many people have asked us if we also organise weddings and events; at the moment, we have enough work and movement in our lives with the Magazine!

We are grateful you consider us so capable, but now we just want to introduce you to excellent and very professional people, who work every day in the organisation and staging of these celebrations. They are the ones that provide content and interest to our magazine.

CHIC Trends Magazine ~ Rubén Hernández’ shooting ~ Jardines de abril.Photo: GIA

We also want to thank the support of each and every one of them again, those who have participated in the FIRST ISSUE of CHIC Trends Magazine and all the ones that are yet to come…

Wedding and events planning, designers, makeup, photographers, jewellery, footwear, hairdressers, accessories, gifts, restoration, catering, chefs, pastry chefs, winemakers, wineries, travel, DJ, musicians, etc.

All these professionals will advise you, through CHIC TRENDS, to make your wedding a success!

And we will introduce you to the most interesting people of the time, with exclusive interviews on all these topics.

We already have a team of expert journalists who work with us, as well as photographers, make-up artists and stylists who will present their work in the journal and the blog.

Our intention is to make difficult tasks easier and become an inspiration source in which you find all the advice you need when preparing the big day.

Presentation of CHIC Trends ~ Jardines de abril ~ march 2016. Photo GIA.Flower arrangements Carmen Baeza y Jose Muriana floreate.

That is our leitmotiv, and we are working and enjoying it every day. For those who do not know it yet, besides being partners, we are also friends, and friends who work together have a magical relationship in which everything is much simpler.

It is not an easy job, but it is lovely!!

We hope to help you with anything you may need regarding celebrations, and especially to those who are going to get married.

We will be delighted to help you in everything you need.

In: hola@chictrends.es you can leave your opinions, requests or suggestions about our CHIC TRENDS.

The Paper Magazine is free, and you will find it in shops, in the atelier of designers, specialised trade, hotels, restaurants, golf courses, spas, and gyms, among others.

We want to thank you for such a wonderful welcome, to those who read us every day, and those who follow us on the blog and RRSS.


Ana and Isabel

«And to be totally, completely and utterly in love, we must be acutely aware that one is not only beloved but a source of inspiration about love.»

Mario Benedetti

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