How to choose the perfect wedding planner

Choosing the perfect wedding planner, for all of those who are getting married is very important.

The task of a wedding planner goes far beyond choosing the flowers or the menu for the big day.

Wedding planners are responsible for practically all aspects related to the wedding: they guide you through all the decisions to be made; they are in charge of decoration, photography, transport and so on… They take care of every detail so that your wedding day is unique and special!


The wedding planner will help you choose from flowers to the menus.Photo by Ohana.Gown by Juan Moiña.Flowers and tiara by La Trastienda Floristería for CHIC Trends Magazine Nº2


To advise, coordinate, plan and manage, will be their main objectives. Also, as good coordinators would do, they will always try to respect your style and needs. No matter how crazy the ideas are, in your day, you decide!

Therefore, when choosing a wedding planner, you must find one that knows how to listen, understand and guide you to plan a wedding fitted to you.

Something to be considered is that behind all these tasks there are many hours of work, affection and dedication. For that reason we say that the job of a wedding planner is more than choosing flowers and cutting out bows.

The last touch… Veronica y Alberto, 12 Sept, 2015. Mick Habgood Documentary Wedding Photographer London Bilbao Sydney

The perfect wedding planner

Here, we have gathered some essential features that, in our opinion, should meet the perfect wedding planner.

-A successful wedding coordinator should be multitasking.

-The will bring new ideas and advise you and will never impose they style over yours.

-Resolve all your doubts. Don’t be afraid to ask your wedding planner anything you have in mind for your big day.

– He will never give you a no for an answer without having tried. Having a  positive mindset is very important!


Cute happy wedding couple dancing on their party.


– A good wedding planner will try to make your life easier, will always have good words and will reassure you in the worst moments, is there something wrong? Do not worry, everything has a solution!

– Supervise every detail so that everything is in order and comes out as planned. Both before and during your wedding.

-Try to meet your expectations to the fullest, sticking to the budget.

-They will be present on your wedding day and will try to get everything goings successfully according to plan.

In Chic we know this, if you want to be on the safe side, we recommend hiring a wedding planner, especially if you do not have enough time, they will become someone essential to achieve the wedding of your dreams!



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