A CHIC Fairytale wedding

The event «A fairytale wedding» was held today at Finca Castañeto in La Nucía. Organized by Maryal Events and Occasionally events.

With a splendid sunshine and a beautiful garden, full of ceremony decorated spaces and tables, sofas, garden furniture, boho chic swings and many natural flowers.

They run out of mojitos and the beers, just like the serrano ham after the hand cut ham demonstration which was a big success, from noon until dawn you could enjoy a guided tour with the organizers, to discover everything you need for your wedding day, from the lighting and the photo booth to the catering, the sweet tables, the decoration or even your honeymoon.

Mari Carmen Alvado and Ana Espadas, in a moment of the guided tour.

The photographers and videographers like Robert Holland of RJH Video couldn’t stop shooting,in a day like today, where the sun was shining wonderfully.

With one of the visitors and María José, owner of the Castañeto estate.

The girls from Masala Events welcomed us at finca Castaneto. In the first stand you could find our CHIC Trends Magazine, which was present in this «a fairytale wedding» event, available to all visitors!

The girls from Maryal Events and Marsala have welcomed us smiling like that.

Live music performed by Etereal, cello, violin and guitar, entertaining the guests while they were having a tour, and a soul singer who we loved! Because spring is already here and we have to keep hydrated we enjoyed a drink in a very well stocked bar set by Dalúa catering.

Great welcome from our magazine CHIC Trends, all have been able to take a copy! ????

We greeted María José, the owner and director of Finca Castañeto, who very warmly welcomed us and even delighted us with a tango, she dances beautifully!

The pool was decorated with natural flowers which brought colours cheerfulness to the atmosphere and the turquoise water. It was all perfect, effectively, as in A fairytale wedding …

With Jose Maria de Ritmóvil, who presented his vintage and large-format photo booths, thanks for the photos! ????

We have checked the photo booths, lighting, DJ and music services offered by jose Maria de Ritmóvil, we had a great time taking pictures with fun hats and decorations!

The fountains around the house, emitted a very pleasant sound, surrounded by chairs and sofas, where you can sit in the sun for a while and have a pleasant conversation with Eny, decoration specialist for RK Decoeventos.

Detail of the boho chic corner, with its columbia and cushions on the lawn, very nice.

The photographers carried out a photo shooting session with models wearing alicante based fashion shop Castaños 39.

With CHIC Trends magazine in the garden chaise longue with Maryal Events and Marsala events.

We had the opportunity to chat with Juani Navarrete, commercial director of JuanFran Asencio, with that smell of pure chocolate emanating from their panettone and chocolate fondues.

Juani Navarrete and Ana Espadas, the pantheons of JuanFran Asencio are mythical and their sources of chocolate.

We were transported to Tahiti and Thailand with the wonderful trips of Tolo Teuler, from Marina Baixa Viatges.

Ham cut by hand by Miguel Angel, professional cutter, a delight.

We tasted the ham, beautifully cut by Michelangelo, professional cutter, as you can see it was amazing!

Afterwards, after walking around so much we were all very hungry and we had the opportunity to taste Alfonso Lara’s barbecue food, butcher and charcuterie based in Benidorm. It was extremely tasty! And the mojitos again, spectacular!

The mojito bar simply spectacular!

A success in attendance of both visitors and companies in the sector!

House and garden’s decorations Finca Castañeto.


Finca Castañeto
Maryal Events 
RJH video
Catering Dalua
Drink Evolution
Castaños 39
Isabel Aguado (zapatos)
Pepe Argenta (fotógrafo)
Costa Carpas
Juanfran Asencio Fuentes de chocolate
Floristería Ángela
De vez en cuando Eventos. 
Glitter MAKE UP
Wendy dance 
B&K Cars
Viatges Marina Baixa
Decoraciones RK
Cortador de jamón Miguel Ángel

The start of a new weddings season is around the corner, happy events to all and from CHIC Trends we wish you have a great success!

Ana Espadas and Manuela Bonilla for CHIC Trends Magazine

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