Unisa, yes I do

Two words, three syllables and eight letters willing to change your life

Unisa knows that in a field such as the bridal, making a difference depends on the most dazzling and personal details.

With the clear premise that the ‘I do’ universe has its own codes, Unisa’s collections open a wide range of infinite possibilities. Sunny days will be full of boho brides with a free spirit, minimalists and even futurists, and cold days will bring more cool and original looks.

This is why Unisa certainly knows that even the most amazing dress in the world needs to be combined with very special accessories which will determine the right style and will synthesise the bride’s personality.

The bride’s shoes are the perfect complement to make your look great in the most important day of your life. It is essential to spend a good amount of time making this decision, as they have a fundamental role and there are options for everyone and every occasion.

Unisa´s Bridal shoes

So be it then, one just needs to let oneself go through the masterful traces, the sensuality, or the neat cuts of Unisa’s Bride collection, which have open a new horizon in the bridal footwear with a proposal that varies between the most classical to the most striking looks. High heel shoes, with plataform, peep toes, metalized… A very complete list so you can find yours.

And even though the white is still the stellar colour, increasingly there are more possibilities concerning the shoe trees, heel type and styles so the bride can find the one that most fit with her wedding and her dress. Due to this Unisa updates the eternal white of the XXI century, with sandals that brace around the uncle with strength giving it a touch of colour, sophistication and a lot of attitude.

Naturally, after the ceremony and the celebration – which means a couple of hours standing up- the dancing floor deserves be stepped on by a pair of comfortable shoes and Unisa will accompany you until the end. Which one of their models would you take?  

Say yes I  to Unisa´s Bridal Shoes!

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